The dormitory projects house up to forty students in two large houses a short distance from the city centre. They provide shelter, company and support for students, most of whom come from outlying provinces, while they study away from home. The twenty male and twenty female students are interviewed and accepted on the basis that they are in need of shelter while in Phnom Penh and are interested in studying about God. Brother Meng Him is employed by Bethézer to act as a full time manager for the two dormitories, with responsibility for caring for the needs of the students. Brother Him, a full time teacher in his previous employment, is very capable and well respected by the dormers.

The dormitories provide free accommodation, filtered drinking water, various amenities and study support for the students. Students are expected to finance their own living expenses, study materials and school fees. They are also expected to attend morning and evening Bible study sessions, and attendance at the BEC for further lessons is encouraged. The students also are invited to the Sunday worship service at the Bible Education Centre.

The dormitory projects aim to give young Cambodians the opportunity to improve their education, widen their future options and give them a solid and supportive base while away from home. It also seeks to provide an opportunity for young Cambodians to learn Christian values and sound teaching about God and his son, Jesus the Christ.