Bethezer Dormitories – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The dorms, which opened in 2008, allow students to further their studies in the city, which they would otherwise be unable to afford.

Once the students are a resident in the dorms they have access to attend the following:
Weekly Bible Classes, Sunday Memorial Meeting at the BEC & General Learning Seminars (eg. Public Speaking, First Aid, Health, Environment etc.)


18 Girls (in 5 rooms)
25 Boys (in 4 rooms)

New members

of the family of Christ as a direct result of the project!
Not to mention friends and family who have heard the gospel as a result of spending time with these people.

Doors to Unlock

Unlock a door today by supporting a student at the Bethezer Dormitories

Help support a student living in a dorm, by paying half of their yearly cost.


Thank you for your support and continued prayers.

We pray for God’s continued blessing on the young people at our dormitories, and those who will, God Willing, be part of the dormitories into the future.