Our Guiding Principles

1. To give the members of the Christadelphian community an opportunity to contribute, and participate in a humanitarian aid organisation which matches their values and ideals

Bethézer projects attempt to provide members of the Christadelphian community, not just the option of contributing financially to a humanitarian alternative to popular aid funds, but also provide an opportunity to be involved in the actual project’s themselves. For example, the ‘Tanna School Project’ in Vanuatu has been funded, designed, built and operated by Christadelphians. The building and maintenance functions involve a range of people with myriad skills from the Christadelphian community. Projects in Cambodia allow for brothers and sisters to be involved in pastoral care and support work.

2. To complement the activities of the Asia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission

Bethézer projects are designed to facilitate preaching opportunities and it is our desire to support the work undertaken by mission organisations such as the ACBM (Asia-Pacific Christadelphian Bible Mission) and CBM (Christadelphian Bible Mission). The ‘Phnom Penh Dormitory projects’ operating in Phnom Penh, Cambodia are linked closely with the ACBM-manned ‘Bible Education Centre’ (BEC). ACBM missionaries attend the dormitories daily for teaching support. Students from the dormitories also study at the BEC regularly and have significant contact with BEC teaching. Since being established in 2007/2008, a number of the dormers have been baptised.

3. To provide welfare, relief and developmental assistance to the poor and needy of Southeast Asia and Oceania

Bethézer shows the love of the Christadelphian community by providing a means by which needy people meet basic needs such as food, shelter, and medical aid. Bethézer has particularly focused on educational projects, working on the principle that education leads to better opportunities and improved quality of life, both for individuals and their communities. Those who have learned to read can discover God, themselves, through the Bible. The ‘English for East Timor Project’ (EFET) has provided an opportunity in recent yeras for East Timorese students to study English with the right tools and support. With skills in English, they have many more options to find employment and support their families.

Since inception, the Bethezer Fund Inc. has been developing its capacity to assist people in need and to provide opportunities within our own community to become more involved with needs outside our own immediate locality. In this time we have established the organisational structure to support such activities and provided a means by which Christadelphians everywhere are able to connect to the day to day struggles faced by people in distant communities.