Where your Béthezer donations go…

At Bethezer we recognise there are serious challenges associated both with mission work and development aid. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into deploying the financial resources under our stewardship in the most effective way possible. Easy to say, not quite so easy to do.

Administrative costs are kept as close to zero as we can possibly get them. Our expenditures, for example, are almost exclusively limited to the cost of employing front-line staff and the direct cost of our activities in our project countries. At present, we employ no one in any capacity in Australia. The Management Committee and the executive costs of the committee are a labour of love. We are forced, however, to absorb government taxes and the charges associated with being an incorporated entity.

Contributions made to Bethezer are directed solely to projects listed on the project pages of these websites. In every case, allocations are determined by donor preference where a preference has been stated. Finally, Bethezer accounts are available to donors should they wish to see them. Annual financial figures are provided in the Annual Reports.